For individuals and teams who want to reduce in-office interruptions by 46% and increase focus by 88%.

  • LED light (separate purchase)

    Buy a physical FlowLight (for CHF 60) that you can mount at your desk, cubicle or office door (optional).

  • Quick ad-hoc focus session

    Want to start a quick focus session (aka Pomodoro) right now? Do that with just two clicks!

  • Automated focus status

    Our research-based and patented focus algorithm automatically detects when you're working in focus.

  • Automated status sync with Teams, Slack, and Zoom

    Sync your focus state to and from popular collaboration apps.

  • Limit distractions with DND

    This feature is in development


For individuals and teams who want to block time for focused or deep work of time to be even more productive.

  • Everything from FlowLight, plus:
  • Schedule focused work ahead

    Workdays quickly fill up, leaving you with too little time for focused work, appreciated by 79% of users.

  • Automated sync with Microsoft and Google calendars

    Sync your calendar with FlowTeams with your focus schedule

  • Suggested focus sessions

    FlowTeams can detect opportune moments for focused work.


For teams who want to better balance focused work and teamwork by easily aligning their work schedules.

  • Everything from FlowSchedule, and:
  • Team's schedule at a glance

    Improve alignment within the team to schedule focused work at more opportune moments.

  • Workshop on team culture

    Our research showed improved adoption and better improvements by tailoring FlowTeams to your team.

  • At-a-glance awareness of team

    In hybrid work, it can be challenging to remain aware of your team's availability, work location and presence. It's easy with FlowTeams!

  • Flexibly customize teams

    Teams are not a constant. Flexibly define one or several teams and keep a quick overview.