Podcast Episode on Developers’ Diverging Perceptions of Productivity

Recently, Abi Noda and I talked about our Book chapter in the ‘Rethinking Productivity in Software Engineering‘ book on our research to better understand software developers’ perceptions of productivity, and how these insights might be applied by managers and team leads in software teams.

His key takeaways were:

  1. Developers spend 25% of their time at work on coding-related activities.
  2. Developers have differing views on what it means to be productive.
  3. The most costly interruptions are those from coworkers.
  4. Developers can be grouped into six categories based on their “ideal workdays”.

The research behind this work was conducted by Gail MurphyThomas FritzTom Zimmermann and me.

Listen to the episode here:

Here you find Abi’s chapter summary: Developers’ Diverging Perceptions of Productivity (substack.com)