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FlowLight reduces up to 65% of costly interruptions and boosts focus at work

FlowLight is based on 10+ years of research and was developed and
evaluated by 500+ professionals working at 20+ companies.


Flow AI automatically senses your current Flow Status

Most people cannot immediately jump into focused work, they gradually get there, often without even realizing. When working focused, however, they are frequently interrupted by co-workers who need to ask a quick question or just want to talk about last weekend.


While most don't interrupt deliberately, but they are usually unaware of your (internal) focus state. That's where Flow AI comes into play, which analyzes your computer interaction and infers a personalized Flow Status


Your Flow Status is visualized to co-workers in the office

When working in the office, your Flow Status is visualized to your co-workers in a physical LED that you can mount on the top of your monitor, table or cubicle. It works like a traffic-light, by indicating your availability for an interruption in color.


That way, co-workers can see at a glance whether it's a good moment right now to ask that question or whether it will be a costly interruption.


Your Flow Status is synced to communication apps

In hybrid work, you might not always work in the office, but also from home or remotely. In these times, it is still valuable for your co-workers to know your availability for an interruption at a glance.


Therefore, your Flow Status can be synced between your apps, including Teams, Slack and Zoom.

Customers, Collaborators & Partners

These real-life stories showcase the impact that we make every day

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Stefan COO & Product Lead

«FlowTeams improved our communication culture, making it a bit more relaxed for everyone.»

Nate Head of Production

«I keep thinking I just wish FlowTeams was something everyone had, because it's so easy and it's just better in terms of managing people and running an entire company.»

Michael Senior Software Developer

«FlowTeams is encouraging collaboration with the right people at the right time.»

Nate Head of Production

«FlowTeams increases visibility about what I am doing and when I am available for interactions with my team.»

Landa Designer

«If you see co-workers' shared calendars in Outlook and you see 40 meetings, you have to click on each one to know 'who is in a meeting? That's definitely not as efficient as something like FlowTeams: there you just look at the schedule and go 'Oh, good, OK!'.»

Stefan COO & Product Lead

«With just one click, I can get a quick overview over my team’s availabilities for the day, which is much more cumbersome to learn from shared calendars.»

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