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Using evidence-based approaches, we support your engineering teams in improving focus, collaboration, productivity and experience at work.

Flow Suite

Our cutting-edge solutions to boost focus, collaboration and well-being

Our Flow Suite is based on 10+ years of research and was developed with and evaluated by 500+ professionals working at  20+ companies.


Reduce interruptions.
  • Automatically senses your focus state (FlowAlgorithm), or you set it manually
  • Signals your focus state to your team in-person (LED light)
  • Syncs your focus state with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom
  • Reduces costly interruptions by 65% and boosts productivity


Schedule & sync focused work.
  • Plan your day to improve focus & well-being
  • Schedule regular focused work in advance
  • Automated sync with Microsoft and Google calendars


Boost collaboration & team alignment.
  • Boost and balance collaboration and focus within your team
  • One-click overview of your team(s)' availabilities and work schedule
  • Work with one or multiple teams
  • Improve team alignment, focus and teamwork by 85%
Challenges of Hybrid Work

Balancing focused work and collaboration is challenging

Positive Impact

What the research shows

We systematically evaluated the impact of the Flow Suite on engineer's productivity, ability to focus and well-being through several field studies.

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of users reported higher focus

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fewer interruptions

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improvement at identifying ideal moments for asking questions

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improvement in teamwork and balance


Choose a product that works for you

The Flow Suite is customizable to adapt to your individual or your team's needs. We're happy to help in case of questions.

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For individuals and teams who want to reduce in-office interruptions by 46% and increase focus by 88%.

  • LED light (separate purchase)

    Buy a physical FlowLight (for CHF 60) that you can mount at your desk, cubicle or office door (optional).

  • Quick ad-hoc focus session

    Want to start a quick focus session (aka Pomodoro) right now? Do that with just two clicks!

  • Automated focus status

    Our research-based and patented focus algorithm automatically detects when you're working in focus.

  • Automated status sync with Teams, Slack, and Zoom

    Sync your focus state to and from popular collaboration apps.

  • Limit distractions with DND

    This feature is in development


For individuals and teams who want to block time for focused or deep work of time to be even more productive.

  • Everything from FlowLight, plus:
  • Schedule focused work ahead

    Workdays quickly fill up, leaving you with too little time for focused work, appreciated by 79% of users.

  • Automated sync with Microsoft and Google calendars

    Sync your calendar with FlowTeams with your focus schedule

  • Suggested focus sessions

    FlowTeams can detect opportune moments for focused work.


For teams who want to better balance focused work and teamwork by easily aligning their work schedules.

  • Everything from FlowSchedule, and:
  • Team's schedule at a glance

    Improve alignment within the team to schedule focused work at more opportune moments.

  • Workshop on team culture

    Our research showed improved adoption and better improvements by tailoring FlowTeams to your team.

  • At-a-glance awareness of team

    In hybrid work, it can be challenging to remain aware of your team's availability, work location and presence. It's easy with FlowTeams!

  • Flexibly customize teams

    Teams are not a constant. Flexibly define one or several teams and keep a quick overview.

Customers, Collaborators & Partners

These real-life stories showcase the impact that we make every day

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Stefan COO & Product Lead

«FlowTeams improved our communication culture, making it a bit more relaxed for everyone.»

Nathan Executive

«I keep thinking I just wish FlowTeams was something everyone had, because it's so easy and it's just better in terms of managing people and running an entire company.»

Michael Senior Software Developer

«FlowTeams is encouraging collaboration with the right people at the right time.»

Landa Designer

«If you see co-workers' shared calendars in Outlook and you see 40 meetings, you have to click on each one to know 'who is in a meeting? That's definitely not as efficient as something like FlowTeams: there you just look at the schedule and go 'Oh, good, OK!'.»

Stefan COO & Product Lead

«With just one click, I can get a quick overview over my team’s availabilities for the day, which is much more cumbersome to learn from shared calendars.»

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