Hybride Arbeit oder alle zurück ins Büro? [German article]

Abraxas, a leader in innovative and secure ICT solutions for Swiss government agencies, recently invited Dr. André Meyer to write an article on how organizations can leverage hybrid work as a market advantage and to better balance focus and teamwork, while at the same time ensuring data privacy and security, especially nowadays with the omnipresent […]

DSI Insights: New Work oder die Balance zwischen Fokusarbeit und Teamwork (German Article)

This German article was written as a collaboration with the Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich and first published on Inside IT, later on UZH News. New Work erlaubt mehr Flexibilität beim Organisieren und Strukturieren der eigenen Arbeit. Dies kann zwar zu erhöhter Produktivität führen, aber die Teamarbeit leidet öfters darunter. Wie geht das unter einen […]

Cultivating a Team Mindset about Productivity with a Nudge: A Field Study in Hybrid Development Teams

Publication presented at the Conference for Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW’2023). Authors: Thomas Fritz, Alexander Lill, André N. Meyer, Gail C. Murphy, Lauren Howe.Access Publication How does your team help you to be productive? – Answering this question can help workers rethink productivity to embrace the idea that their team contributes to their productivity, rather […]